Team Dugout

by Richard Hemphil JR

Butterflies About

getting married?

Be confident that your partner is the person to build a life with.

You are not concerned if you love them or not. Your heart however is telling you that love may not be enough.

The good times are great but you are noticing habits that you pray they do not take into the marriage.

You feel ready because you have been dating them long enough. Pressure from parents and friends is getting overwhelming.

There are some goals you imagined reaching before becoming a spouse. Should you wait and focus on you?

Intimacy is important but you may be on two different pages.

You want someone who cares about your purpose.

How you are growing and being challenged through the years is important to you.

They are helping you in ways you did not even know you needed.

You wish that you could tell them that your desires are changing.

Your hope is being able to address issues of the past without it destroying any promise of a future.

You hope that you are on the same page in terms of boundaries.

You need a guide that walks you through what God says about marriage.

You need a resource that will bring certainty that they are the one.

You need a playbook that will cover the BIG topics in bite sizes.

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